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Agreement between you and the housing company

By filling in our booking form you agree to these terms and conditions. Otherwise, the initial booking is not binding until you sign an agreement with the accommodation company or make a payment to them. We have good experience of the recommended housing companies, but it is your responsibility to check the agreements that you enter and the invoices that you pay.

Please note that apart from accepting these terms you do not enter any agreement with YourHomeInJapan.com. By filling in the forms on our site you are entitled to a discount from the accommodation companies, but you do not enter into any agreement with us. Our staff will assist you free of charge with the booking process for homestay. For Share House and studio apartments you will be contacted directly by the accommodation company's English speaking staff - they are the experts on the different rooms and apartments.

Prices and payment

The prices on this site are based on the information we have received from the accommodation companies. Prices in apartments and Share House are examples, the price varies depending on where you live. In host families, prices get lower the longer you stay. Your final price can be found on the invoice from the accommodation company.

The prices in local currencies are calculated based on the daily exchange rate from http://www.geoplugin.com/ to give you an idea of the cost in your currency. The actual cost in your currency can increase or decrease depending on the exchange rate when you pay for the accommodation.

You don’t pay anything to us. All costs are paid in Japanese Yen directly to the accommodation company in Japan. Bank charges may apply.

Problems with your accommodation

If you experience any problems with your accommodation you should contact the accommodation company and explain the situation. Then they can help you to solve any problem. In exceptional cases they might be able to move you to another place, but then there must usually be some serious shortcomings at your current accommodation.

Problems addressed after returning home are impossible to fix, so contact the accommodation company right away if you experience any problems.

You are welcome to give us feedback if you want, but be aware that we have no control or insight into what is going on at your particular accommodation. It is the housing company and the people who live there that are responsible for this and we can’t in any way be held responsible for problems at your accommodation.

Student accommodation in Japan often have simple standard. On this site we work with companies that provide good quality by Japanese standards but you should not expect too much of your student accommodation in apartments and Share Houses. You get the best standard of living when you stay with a host family or in a hotel. Read more about accommodation in Japan in our FAQ.

Text, images and misprints on this site

The text on the accommodation pages is based on the material that we have received from the housing companies. We can not be held liable for any misprints and we reserve the right to update the text on the site if we detect any errors or obtain new information from Japan.

The pictures on this site are just examples of how a certain type of accommodation can look. All houses and rooms are different so there is no guarantee that your accommodation will look like the pictures.

Personal data

Our goal is to protect your personal integrity. We will forward your details to the relevant accommodation company, but otherwise we undertake not to sell or in any other way distribute the personal data you divulge. All information on our website is sent via secure SSL-connections.

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